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Other registrars like Godaddy are charging $60 for a dot io TLD, and is up to $99 for registering the same exact thing. That’s 2-3x as expensive! In addition, Namecheap offers a free Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate. It’s only worth $2, but it’s a bonus. I’m not sure how they do it, but they are able to sell it much cheaper than any other registrar, including, the original provider of this TLD extension.

Why buy this ccTLD?

.IO is the country code extension for the British Indian Ocean Territory. However, the territory is currently almost completely uninhabited and is therefore rarely used for it’s geographic region. I/O is a abbreviation for the IT term “input/output.” Therefore, this “tech” suffix has become a very popular option for startups and those in the technology fields. It appeals to the geek in many people and has become of the fastest growing TLDs.

Because of it’s popularity in these companies targeting the US and other Western countries, Google treats it like a generic TLD. This means it can also be geotargeted in Webmaster Tools, like all gTLDs.

Another great reason is that it is still quite open and you can often find the exact URL that you want. The slightly higher pricing has kept it from rampant domain parkers, leaving valuable names still available to the public.

Why Namecheap?


The best part about Namecheap is that, in addition to having the absolute cheapest price for a British Indian Ocean registration, Namecheap is one of the best registrars out there. I use them anyways for all of my  registrations. They have quick and efficient support that can solve any problem in just minutes. No BS upsells etc, just excellent service at an excellent price.

So if you are looking for a cheap .io domain, then make your way over to Namecheap and start building your startup/tech website today!

Inexpensive .io Domains for Startups

Registering the .io country code TLD has become quite popular for startups to use. Using a dot io URL is a great way to signify that people are looking at something unique and innovative and grab their attention. While they do cost upwards of 3x a .COM, they can still work out to be more inexpensive than purchasing a comparable .com in an auction.

Primary Benefits:

Stands Out – It is a unique TLD in the fact that it stands for Input/Output in IT circles, referring to the communication between the server and the client. This subtly resonates within the “tech” and software development community, inspiring greater interest in your startup. This short, two letter extension just stands out.

Availability – Startups are often underdogs in competitive niches where the “.com” they want has been snatched up years ago. In some ways, the high cost has prevented it from becoming saturated with domain sitters, leaving many more options for you. There is a good chance that you can create the website address you need.

Cool Domain Hacks – You can create memorable URLs such as or

Registering a .io domain name is an excellent choice for your startup, and is more affordable than you think. Buy one inexpensively today!


Registering cheap .IO Top Level Domains For Startup Businesses

This tech-oriented TLD has become a very popular option among the startup businesses across the globe. Otherwise known as country code top level domain (ccTLD), it is also the British Indian Ocean Territory’s internet country code. Currently, around 0.1% of live websites in the world are composed of .IO sites. While registering one seems like a high priced investment for many businesses, there are some obvious advantages which this trend has to offer.

A great opportunity to carry out interesting jobs:

Why many entrepreneurs who run startup businesses consider these domains as fantastic choices is because of the fact that they find these are an excellent tool to do something interesting with their websites. Many business owners believe that these provide them with the facility to register some dictionary-word based domains which can be conveniently usable for innovative web-based services and cool new projects. Nowadays, more startups and techies tend to register such URLs as their primary intent is to launch brand new services and products which are geared to their consumers.

Are .io’s worth the high cost?

In practice, these will require businesses to spend slightly more than other extensions. Added to this shortcoming is their considerably late availability. But, there are still many enjoyable things, such as tons of dictionary words which are free, descriptive and great. Included with this feature is a plethora of 2-letter options available. Businesses do not need to spell the name of their sites with sans vowels. One example is “flickr”. Also, businesses need not spend a lot of money just to have their domain names properly spelled. An example of this can be “twitter”.

Business owners with discerning tastes may find these sites artisanal and functional. For a well-crafted and small web platform, they are simply outstanding.

Little possibility of getting associated with any specific country name:

Standalone ending is another good feature that startups can enjoy. The .IO ending sounds simply great with the least possibility of their getting associated with no specific countries. Most importantly, the domain names signify the British Indian Ocean Territory, which is a little more significant when they are compared with Libyan .ly domains. Matt Cutts (head of Google’s spam team) also confirmed that the .io domain can be custom geotargeted, so that is no longer a concern for businesses interested in SEO.

Dot-com versus dot-io:

register io domain

Obviously, the slew of dot-coms vividly represents all the Starbucks and high-profile platforms of the Internet. In fact, dot-coms have already created a wide recognized trend. However, dot-io’s are not essentially staying in the bottom as they often represent the numerous start-ups. These domains can nicely translate to the conventional busy cafe with swirly lattes and fresh grinds. A small cafe that features jazz music or welcomes people having the ear loops. All these are just coherent with the use of this British Indian Ocean extension.

Finally, a startup that aims at the design, specific details and other technological features can definitely pick up one of these domains which seems clean with focus on a single, solid idea. With the varied purposes which a website has to perform, .io domains are still a great choice in spite of their slightly more expensive price brackets.