Reasons Why Startups Can Turn To .IO Domains

The .IO domains provide a wonderful opportunity for businesses that operate both locally and internationally. If you are the owner of a business that targets local customers, an .IO domain can be the best option as it diffuses a professional and powerful image of your company with solid proof of your commitment to serve your local customers. On the other hand, you might be the owner of an international business that is now expanding its operations in the British Indian Territory. Practically speaking, these domains may help you maximize your revenues. Nowadays, an overwhelming number of domains are found which are registered under the .IO top level domain (TLD).

The benefits of having your domain registered under these names. Of course, you will look to pick a domain name extension which has already become a hot pursuit in the growing arena of startups.

Advanced protection:

With a trademark, your principal job is to protect it. Protecting one’s personal identity is as important as protecting the identity of that individual’s online business. If you register TLDs, it means that your efforts to preserve your trademark have already reached the next level. So, it is recommended that you turn out to be the primary buyer of a domain.

Attractive names:

Since registering common words in some highly prevalent domains like .COM or .NET can be a difficult undertaking, with TLDs, these sorts of domains are easy to find. There domains also allow website owners to acquire shorter and more memorable names because of their greater availability compared to the big names. Whether you want to buy a pricy premium class domain name or a long one with established extension, the .IO domains are still good enough to be a fine investment that offers a handful of defining benefits. The trend of picking such domain names is at its initial stage. So, it is often possible for a startup to get the name its owner wants.

Here are some more benefits that you can reap with an .IO TLD.

For almost all types of tech websites and startups, these domains are suitable as they are getting immensely popular.

  • You can use the .IO when you want to substitute your domain name for input/output or the acronym I/O. In the virtual area of software development and other web development, this acronym makes sense for the target consumers.
  • If you want to create various tool domain hacks including carpacc.IO, pistach.IO and scenar.IO, these will be helpful.
  • When you compare to any generic TLD, you will find it to be a unique and catchy extension that may help your startup positively stand out among the horde of others. Thus, these domain names are great when viewed from marketing perspectives.
  • In most cases, the domain name will be shorter than any three-letter gTLD. However, the domain name will look different, and anyone can easily remember it.
  • Standardized authorized codes used by these domains are also similar to those of .NET, .ORG and .COM.

So, you can add an extra flair to your online startup by getting an .IO TLD.

So buy a cheap .io domain today