Register a cheap .ca domain

The .ca domain is Canada’s internet Country Code Top-Level Domain. It was introduced in 1987 and has been active until today. The domain is sponsored by the Canadian government and its registry is operated and managed by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). CIRA is an independent non-profit corporation that took over the management of the website since 2002 after exchange of managerial rights from time to time since the time it was born.
Valid entities for registration
A person is required to be a citizen of Canada to be able to register a domain name.
The firm or company opting to register a domain name is supposed to be influential and well known within the Canadian country and abroad.
Legal entity – the institution must be operating according to the law.
The entity can either be an indigenous Canadian or an Indian Band.
The entity can be a division of the government.
The Canadian government used to use third and fourth level domains to register provincial entities that were only present in one province. Institutions within two or more provinces were allowed to register directly to .CA domain. It took a lot of time to go through the whole process and hence people opted for less complex but more expensive domains like .com and .org. This is why the .CA domain is not so popular within the country as compared to other ccTLDs of other countries.
Names with different diacritical accents but same meanings and spelling should belong to the same organization. The registrar permits the use of characters with different accents to support the French language. The word with accented letters, for example “à”, should belong to an organization with a domain with a similar word that is not accented or is with a different accent.
Domain names should not begin with the “xn--” characters.
Names similar to a generic three-letter top-level domain that already exists is not available for registration.
The domain names that are suspended are given a 30 days reclamation period after which it is going to be availed to the public for registration if the owner fails to reclaim it during that period. The domains are first given a to-be-released status so that bidders get a chance to acquire them before they are released to the public. The domain names which receive no bid at all are then released for public registration.
Sub-level domain and prices
You can find the following third level domains within the .ca domain. — Alberta — British Columbia — Manitoba — New Brunswick — Newfoundland (replaced by — Newfoundland and Labrador — Nova Scotia — Northwest Territories — Nunavut — Ontario — Prince Edward Island — Quebec — Saskatchewan — Yukon
The prices vary from site to site but they just circulate around 25 dollars. The domains can be registered alternatively through sites like GoDaddy.