Register a Cheap .CM Domain

This is Cameroon’s country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD). Its registry is organized by camtel, an organization which also provides the finances required to run it. The recognized registrar for this domain is This domain has seen some good pricing over the years, with bids going up to over eighty thousand dollars in auctions.


Wide market: Registration for the .cm domain is not limited to people present within Cameroon. This gives way to interested parties all over the globe to grab a bite… I mean site.. under the .cm domain.

Advantageous on typing errors: If you are thinking of starting a social site for example, you can decide on a domain name similar to a well known social network like Facebook. You can put up something like so that if a person happens to mistype the intended URL and types yours, he or she lands straight to your site. This can also come in handy during advertising. You might place an ad which a person will follow to subscribe to your site through confusion between it and Facebook which I what the person intended to register with.

Alternative: since the .cm domain is much shorter than the .com domain which has been misused for nearly all the types of websites in the world, it is used as an alternative to the .com domain. It is pretty difficult to get a preferred domain name to register under the .com domain but it is most likely that you will be of luck in registering the same domain name under the .cm domain because it has not undergone the misuse .com is experiencing, at least not yet.

Multipurpose: like its relative, the .com domain, it can be used (or misused) for many types of functional sites. It can be used to replace the rejected domain names on the .com domain because if you do not want to give up your preferred domain name with this TLD.


Competition: The domain also chokes from the food it enjoys. It might be an advantage to have typing errors on its side, but this also comes back to bite it in the URL. The websites registered under this domain are also vulnerable to the threat of consumer snatching.

Copycats: A famous website under this domain can be copied and registered with the same name under the .com domain.

Security: the website is famous among top spammers. Apart from its fame in the snatching businesses, it is also used to register websites with malicious software which is transfered after a person visits the site after mistyping a honest website. This has forced some sites to purchase the .com domain together with the .cm domain and use one as a redirecting website.


The cheapest registration price can be gotten at hexonet, which registers the domain at $72. NameCheap also offers the same service at around $100 annually. The best deal can however be found at if registered for a longer period but an annual fee of around 90 dollars is imposed if the duration is less than three years.