Cheap .LUXURY Registration

.luxury domain is a Top-Level Domain that is meant for registration of top notch business entities. The big businesses that make a lump sum of money should use this domain to register their sites with so that the class can be seen through it. The domain is generally available for registration for any type of site but it is recommended that one should register an entity which has some gravity in the financial sector.


The domain has more options for domain names that one can choose from to register a site with than other famous domains. This is because it has not been subjected to misuse (using a domain for other purposes other than what was intended for it. This means that not very many sites have been registered under domain hence domain name availability is high.

The domain is also good for registration of sites dealing with sales of jewelry and accommodation services. Most of the sites dealing with this types of services are usually hoax and intend to rip off money from unsuspecting buyers. This domain can help in showing how professional your business is.

.luxury domain is appealing for extravagant spenders who want to spend extra cash for exquisite services. When the buyer sees the website registered under this domain, he or she will leave out the other sites in the search result and go directly to yours. This will ensure that big spenders visit your site occasionally.


The domain, even though drives wealthy traffic to a site, drives some wealth off your pockets. The domain is among the most expensive domains to register, though not the most expensive. .luxury can be registered at up to $500 annually while another domain can be registered at around ten dollars. The high pricing makes this domain to be crossed out sometimes in the list of to-be-used domains. For some wealthy merchants, the price is not a thing for them because it is mostly the rich who opt to use the domain in the first place.

The domain’s usage is also limited to registration of top-notch businesses. Though one cane register a site under the domain for other intentions, the name itself is discouraging when it comes to registering some types of sites. A hackers forum site can be one example of the sites that seem awkward to register under this domain.


The domain can be registered at $458 on which is the current cheapest price in the market. Hover and Namecheap offer the registration services at costs of $480 and $488 respectively. There are also other sites that give the registration services at higher costs but give free exclusive services afterwards. These include DNS, email accounts configured under the registered domain, installation of recommended software like phpMyAdmin and many more services. It just requires a bit of research to find the perfect site to register with because price is not the only factor that determines the best deal you can get from them.