Register a cheap .me domain

The .me domain is Montenegro’s country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD). This is one of the most popular domain in the world. It was introduced in 2006 and its registry has been organized by (DoMEn) with the financial aid from the government of Montenegro. Montenegro used the .yu domain (Yugoslavia’s ccTLD) but decided to use a new one after being declared an independent state.

Montenegro did not have many options for domain extensions. Most of the combinations they could have used had been already been used, thus led to the option of the .me domain. Due to its potential in the market, it was decided that it was to be used as a generic domain. The government made a great call on this because it emerged to be a popular domain. The Montenegrin entities have access to the following domains: – for corporations – for providers of Internet services – for civil organizations and associations – for Educational institutions, such as primary and high schools – Academic and post-secondary organizations such as universities; University of Montenegro has as its primary domain – State and Government authorities or – for personal use

The usage of the domains is not limited to the ones listed above. The domains can be used to register for any type of site, the list just shows the most appropriate usage.


The domain is the most appropriate domain to register biographical sites with. The .me domain looks perfect on private domains like and

It is also advantageous to register with because of its popularity. A site registered with the domain extension can fetch a good price in the market after a while. DOMAINS like sold for $8000 in 2011.


Due to its popularity, it has been used to register a huge number of sites. It is hard to find the domain of your choice still available for registration.

To register for this domain, you should have a list of domain names ready just in case someone thought of registering for the name before you. One can decide to buy the domain names from the original owners but the domain sells at high prices so one has to be ready to dig deep into the pockets to be able to acquire it. It is a fifty-fifty chance that the owner would want to sell it



The domain can be registered at AlpNames at $4.57, which is the current cheapest price of registration. The best deal for 3 years however, can be got at bigRock which renews the domain at $18.39, which is $11.60 cheaper than renewing on AlpNames. Other cheap sites to register with include Hexonet which registers at $8.77, Dynadot which registers at $8.99 and NameCheap which registers at $8.99 also. The domain is comparably cheap to other domains. The given values apply for annual terms hence $10 is not something that can cause a significant change in the digits of your bank account.