Register a cheap .net domain


The .net domain is a generic Top-Level Domain that was introduced in 1985. The domain was originally meant for organizations dealing with network communication services, for example TV and ISP services. The domain, however, is not as popular as the .com domain, which is used in almost every service.


The domain registry is being managed by the VeriSign organization. They are allowed to be operational as long as they meet ICAANs policy;

First come first served – only the first entity to register a domain name can claim its ownership. No domain name can exchange possession without the original owner’s consent.

Reservation of registered domain names. – The registrar should put away the domain names that have already been registered until the time that the registered period has expired and the owner fails to renew it. The domain names should therefore be placed in a list of domains that are unavailable so that it will be easier to find available domain names.

Registrar should not set the registry price limit. This avoids unnecessary and unhealthy competition between the registry companies.

Registrar should not modify the terms of agreement of the contract.

Registrar should not modify the definition of registry services.

These are among the other regulations placed by the ICAAN. If you need a full list of the rules placed by them, you should visit their website for the whole document that contains detailed policies.


Among the original six Top-Level Domains, .net is the third in the popularity hierarchy. The most popular one is the .com domain. This is because it has mostly been confused by people as the only domain that is cheap and functional for every type of website. The .net domain is not used in the websites that are commonly visited by people, for example, the social media. They instead use the .com domains and therefore make the .com domain popular among so many people.

The prices of the .net domain also make it less popular. The domain has prices which are a little higher than other domains. Even in the early years of domain name system, the cost of registering a domain name with the .net domain was higher than a couple of other famous domains. At that time, people were not into internet marketing, the websites were mostly to provide information on the services offered by the company. They did not want to invest much in the internet business therefore. This made them to go for cheaper registration alternatives.

Registration and pricing

The .net domain can be registered through various registry services. One can opt for easier registration processes offered by sites like and namecheap. Their prices differ

depending on the site that is offering the registration services and the level-type domain you are trying to register with. The prices range between $25-50, you just have to research on the current prices offered by each website and choose the one that is most favorable to your budget.