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Introduction domain is the country code top-level domain of the country of Peru, meaning that it is used for registering website domains related to the country of Peru. This does not mean that registration of a domain name with the .pe domain is limited to citizens only. Anyone can register for the domain but it is rare to find a website with no connections to Peru with the .pe domain. The domain registry is managed by NIC PE registry service which specifically deals with the .pe domain registration services. The .pe domain registration service was introduced in Nov 25 1991.

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Registration Policy and Restrictions

The .pe registration policies were implemented by the RED CIENTIFICA PERUANA which manages the .pe domain. The policy outlines the management and the rules to follow during the registration of the .pe domains. A couple of other companies are responsible for the domain name registration namely;

Nic PE managing the domain.

The Multisectoral Commission Policy Peruvian Domain Name Registration System responsible for maintaining the domain registration policies. This includes altering the current domain registration policies and making new policies.

They use the first-come first-served policy in the registration policy. So if someone registers a domain name, for example, no other person or company can use the name again or buy it of from them. The person or company should contact the original owner of the domain name and discuss on how they are going to change the possession of the domain name.

During the registration of a domain name, a person is allowed to use a minimum of one character and a max of sixty three characters. A person can also be restricted to register a domain name if the domain name does not comply with the rules of syntax.

Rules of syntax:

They state that:

Only the following characters should be used:

Letters of the English alphabet (a-z),

Numerical characters (1-9),

The hyphen (-).

A minimum of 1 characters and max of 63 characters are to be used.

The hyphen is not to be used at the beginning or end of a domain name. It is to be used in between the numerical characters, letters of the English alphabet or both.

A person is not limited to the number of domain names one can own. It just depend on the managerial capacity of the owner because the more domain names you own, the more websites you have and the more websites you have, the more the cost (time and money) of managing them.

A person cannot register a domain name that already exists in the registry. The person however, can follow a procedure in gaining the domain name’s ownership. The person can first alter the content of the existing data record and request revocation of the domain name. The domain name can be revoked if:

Agreed by a Dispute resolution center.

The owner failed to pay for the renewal of the domain

Judicial order

Owner’s consent

After it has been revoked, it will be open for registration by any interested party.

The prices range according to the site you decide to register your domain with. The price is usually around $35 per year but discounts are given to those who purchase domains for longer periods of time.

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