Register a cheap .sg domain

.sg domain is Singapore’s country code Top-Level Domain and is managed by Singapore Network Information Center (SGNIC). The service was introduced in 1988 and has been active since then. The country had two ccTLDs that were meant for registration of domain names in Singapore’s local language.

Registration restrictions

SGNIC requires that the entity that is opting to register for the .sg domain should be a citizen of Singapore or be operational within the country if it is a company. This is because the main objective for introducing the domain was so that it can be used across the country. This regulation is sometimes seen as inappropriate and unnecessary because it is rare to find a company in, for example, Brazil registering a domain name with another country’s ccTLD.

Second-level domains and prices – Commercial entities. These include every website that is aiming to make a profit from it. Social sites also use this type of domain. – Network providers and info-com operators. They include ISPs and radio stations. – Organizations in the Registry of Societies for example non-profit organizations. – Government entities for example Ministry of internal security. – Educational institutions like the national library. – Personal domain names – Chinese & Tamil Domain Names (on trial from 4 July 2005 – 3 January 2006)

.sg – Open to all with a valid Singapore postal address.

The prices vary around $45 per year but most of the registry sites give discounts to entities who register for longer durations like five years.