Cheap .SUCKS Registration

These types of DOMAINS are meant to register websites which are for criticizing famous people, especially politicians. The websites have content which sticks it to the category of politicians e.t.c who have just done something that tainted their name. For example, if a politician grabs public land and gets exposed by the media, the best place you can get the news that contains all the juicy stuff is a website registered under the .sucks domain. This also applies to actors and actresses who have made actions that are worth making a lot of fuss about.

This domain is rarely used, which makes it best for the registration of websites which need to be cloned. If you have fell in love with a blog site or website that provides content that you can aquire at the snap of your fingers, you can clone the website and register the same domain name under the .sucks domain. If you are wondering what website cloning is, just know that it is replication of a website to a similar one with the same appearance, functionality and everything else. As I have said, the .sucks domain is barely used in domain name registration as compared to other less popular domains.

Reasons for low usage

The .sucks domain name has some setbacks that keep it pinned to the ground, one of them being high pricing. Everyone looking forward to registering a website for the first time, cannot invest too much money into it not knowing whether it is going to make profitable returns or just going to make the person feel like he or she threw the money into the ocean. The high cost of the domain registration discourages them to use it as the first investment because they are not willing to take the risk. A person will go to the other types of TLDs that are way cheaper than this one to try out the market with. Even if the person had intentions of using the .sucks domain later after the fetching a good number of followers, he or she might consider keeping the current domain name because of avoiding the followers from being confused with the change.

This point also brings us to the second reason as to why .sucks is not used much; popularity. Since the domain is not commonly used by website owners, it is not well known by people. The audiences of these website are exposed to popular DOMAINS like .com and .de. When one or more people want to register their own domain, they will go for these domains because it is common among them.

The domain usage is also limited, in that it is used to register websites which are meant for uncovering more dirt from deeds by influential people. If a person wanted to register for a blog site that covers a broader angle, especially the good and bad gossip, be or she will try out another type of domain.

Silver lining

The good thing about this domain is that it is has not been used oftenly, which makes domain name availability high. You might find it hard to register your preferred domain name on the .com domain but it will be easier to register the same name on the .sucks domain because their is a high chance it has not been used yet.


The cheapest registration price in the market is offered at uniregistry, which charges a fee of $208 for almost every domain service they have. 101domain and united domains are other sites that offer cheap services at $245 and $249 respectively.