Register a cheap .TV Domain

.TV is the country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) for Tuvalu. It has been existent ever since 1996 under the management of the .TV corporation. Though it is supposed to be used for registration of sites by entities present in Tuvalu, it is popular I the TV industry. It is used to register television related entities mostly, but can be used to register any type of site. DotTV is a Verisign organization that has been responsible for the organization of the registry. The organization made a deal with the government of Tuvalu for leasing out the domain to the .tv organization. This lease provides the government revenue that will total to fifty million dollars which is paid by the dotTV company.

The government of Tuvalu used part of the first payment of 1 million dollars to join the United Nations. The domain attracted a lot of investors since the domain proved to have a potential in the market. Some of the domain names were seized by the US government in an operation to clear out some names.


The domain has risen in the popularity chart ever since it was started. A good investor can register a domain name for hoarding and later sell them for a profitable price. Since the TV network have the financial capability to but the domain names at any reasonable price set on the table, the domain names can be sold at really good prices afterwards.

The domain is also great food registration of TV networks. It is the best option for a company that embraces professionalism. Anyone who sees the link can definitely know that the site is related to the TV network. The .TV domain brings out a good look in the name. Instead of registering a tv network love, one can register it as to bring out a classy look to it.


The domains use is limited to registration of TV networks. This is not because one cannot register for other purposes but because a person will not. The domain name sucks when it comes to registering other types of sites with the domain name. YouTube can however go well with the domain name since it offers video streaming services. Social networks cannot get along with the domain name. A person might think that the site is video related and will skip visiting it because he is she was interested in a social network. This will reduce the traffic of the website significantly.

The price for registering the domain as compared to other domains is a bit high. A person might want to go for cheaper ones to register non-tv related entities.


The cheapest deal that you can get online is on Doster and They offer the registration services at a fee of $19.99 for a period of one year. They offer renewal services at $29.99. The best deal is on Dynadot and NameCheap who offer renewal services at 24.99 annually. These prices are subjected to change over time hence values might differ slightly after a period of time.